Artie Trezise MBE

Producer/Managing Director


Artie is the driving force behind the team who write, produce, design and promote the Singing Kettle DVDs, audio presentations and live shows. His Singing career started as a folk-singer when he went on the road with wife Cilla after throwing in the towel on his teaching job. For 15 years 'Cilla and Artie' toured the world appearing at folk festivals on every continent.

The Singing Kettle success came as a bit of a surprise when the first album went 'global' but he was delighted at the prospect of a third career. As well as the shows producer, Artie also records all the sound effects and backings. His studio talents have been put to full use as director of the 46 CD/Cassettes and 42 DVD/Videos that the Singing Kettle have released. Cilla and Artie have a son James and their daughter Jane is a former member of the group

All about Artie

  • Raised in Cupar, Fife and attended Castlehill Primary School and Bell-Baxter High School.
  • Gained BA in Business Studies at Strathclyde University and a teaching qualification at Moray House, Edinburgh.
  • Taught English at Rosehall High School, Coatbridge and Business Studies at Balwearie High School, Kirkcaldy.
  • Gave up his teaching career to go on the road as a folk singer with his wife, Cilla Fisher.
  • Over the years, Artie and Cilla have played most of the major folk festivals in the world, appearing throughout Europe, the Far East, Australia, Canada and the USA.
  • Over one Christmas Period he attended 22 pantomimes as part of a research project for the company. He also visited France and the USA to view children's shows
  • Artie and Cilla represented the UK as the BBC representative at the European Broadcasting Festival in Finland.
  • Artie is a keen motorcyclist and also holds a Heavy Goods Vehicle licence.
  • Awarded the MBE for Services to Children’s Theatre.
  • Much to his surprise Artie is in demand as a speaker - he has given talks on the Singing Kettle's work and songs to American tourists, Danish school teachers as well as local organisations.