Cilla Fisher MBE



Cilla's memory for songs learned in the playground or from other folk singers was the inspiration behind the formation of the Singing Kettle. From her original idea to record favourite songs from children's folklore, Cilla helped to develop the concept into a show which is truly unique and much loved by adults and children alike. Not only has she performed in every show but Cilla has written over 260 original songs for the productions.

Cilla is married to Artie and their daughter Jane is a former member of the group. They also have a son, James.



All About Cilla

  • Cilla grew up in a musical family (her brother Archie and sister Ray were among the first professional folk singers in Scotland). She appeared in her first BBC radio show at the age of nine and sang on a family recording soon after.
  • Attended several primary schools in the Glasgow area and Woodside Senior Secondary School.
  • Left school to join her family in Wallsend and worked as a typist and receptionist in Newcastle. While in the North-East, she performed regularly with her sisters.
  • Cilla turned professional folk singer with Artie Trezise in 1974, and established herself as one of the unique voices of her generation, giving Scottish ballad tradition a mature interpretation that belied her years.
  • The duo were much in demand throughout the world and their 1970's Topic recording was awarded folk album of the year in Melody Maker.
  • Their first concert in the USA was greeted with a standing ovation and a contract with Folk Legacy, the prestigious American label.
  • Cilla began her song writing career by penning songs for BBC Education TV shows. This then continued on The Singing Kettle BBC and Children ITV television series.
  • For the Busy Road Show, Health board and Dental hygiene videos that the Singing Kettle recorded, Cilla co-wrote with her daughter Jane
  • She was part of the "Scottish Women" production for Glasgow's "Celtic Connections" festival and performed and wrote many humorous parodies of popular folk songs with her sister Ray
  • Awarded the MBE for services to Children's Theatre.