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Touring throughout 2024

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Halloween Party

Touring from in October/November 2024

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Singing Kettle Channel

Loads of short videos and compilations.
All done by Artie at home.  Enjoy!!

What's Great About Artie's Show?

Audiences love Artie's show - singing along with great songs, having a laugh and joining in on stage.


Who doesn't love Live Music?

 For many children this is their first experience of live entertainment.
The Singing Kettle has been millions of children's first show. 


Notalgia for Parents and Teachers 

Half the audience are adults who came to the show when they were young.  So not a chore to take the kids to this show.                         


Children have great fun singing and joining in                         

Everyone knows how much children enjoy music.  That's why we sing to them as soon as they are born.


The Audience is Spellbound

Every song and story in the Singing Kettle will engage the whole audience in a way only the Singing Kettle can do.


Artie's Singing Kettle Schools

Fast moving, educational, shows for all ages and it's affordable. Especially popular as an end of term treat.


Artie's Singing Kettle Show

Songs, stories even magic tricks.
Ideal for Theatre Shows, Festivals, Special Community Events


Artie's Halloween Singalong

A great chance to wear your Fancy Dress to this singalong show.  Not too scary for youngsters.  Just enough to have kids on the edge of their seats. Learn more...


Artie's Christmas Show

This show has toured schools and other community venues for the last 5 years.  It's by far the most popular show at a special time of the year for children. Learn more...


Burns' Day

A collection of Scottish songs and Traditional stories to celebrate the birthday around the 25th of January every year.  Artie's Singing Kettle in its element. Learn more...


Artie's Singing Kettle Singalong

This is the show that everyone loves. Kids love joining in with the classsic songs and adults enjoy the nostalgia.  A treat for the whole family Learn more...


The Big Read

The Show that started Artie's solo performances.  A successful campaign run by the Daily Record to encourage children's literacy.


Original Singing Kettle

Clips from Artie in action with the original Singing Kettle show.  "Spout, handle, lid of metal.  What's Inside the Singing Kettle"


Artie's Tartan Tales

Artie performs the "Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf" with lots of chances to join in.


Artie is based in Glasgow, Scotland
Please contact him using this Form or Facebook Messenger

the singing Kettle StorY

Artie started the Singing Kettle with his wife Cilla and performed in the show for many years.  Now he's presenting a one-man show.  Read the two stories here.

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